Geotechnical Projects

Westbay Geotechnical Projects

Performance Monitoring and Control

Pore pressure variability and control is one of the most significant aspects of Geotechnical Engineering practice related to slope stability, underground openings, foundation of heavy structures, and water retention facilities. Pore pressure effects are most often controlled by natural small-scale hydrogeologic details. Characterization and management of pore pressures requires closely-arrayed repeated measurements to determine the effects of these details for design of appropriate mitigation measures, for performance monitoring and control of the selected mitigation measure.

Since the late 1970’s the Westbay System has been used on some of the largest landslide studies in the world.

Geotechnical Applications
  • Monitoring of pore pressure to evaluate slope stability, subsidence and drainage
  • Assessment of dewatering solutions and remediation solutions
  • Continuous monitoring of groundwater pressure at large dams, tunnel or shafts