Carbon Sequestration

Burning fossil fuels and other industrial processes result in carbon dioxide (CO2) being released into the atmosphere. Many scientists believe that CO2 accumulating in the atmosphere contributes to the current upward trend in the Earth’s surface temperature. Storing CO2 in the subsurface may be one of the most promising short-term solutions to stabilize and reduce atmospheric CO2 concentrations.

Accurate modeling and simulation along with effective monitoring are critical to minimize the risk in CO2 storage operations. Public acceptance of the ability to safely and securely store CO2 below ground for extensive periods is necessary to move forward. Westbay Systems provide long term reliable groundwater monitoring technologies supporting in gaining public and regulatory approval.

Carbon Sequestration Applications
  • Characterize the subsurface environment and caprock suitability
  • Monitoring subsurface pressures to optimize CO2 injection rates
  • Monitoring the dynamic response of geological reservoirs to CO2 storage (pressure and concentrations)
  • Continuous monitoring of CO2 releases to the surface