Westbay & PFAS

Polyfluoroalky Substances

In September 2019, Westbay partnered with ALS Environmental to conduct an independent evaluation of the Westbay sampler with respect to per – and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS).

Westbay and Polyfluoroalky Substances

The evaluation was conducted on a standard rental Westbay sampler, randomly selected from inventory.  All testing procedures were completed by ALS lab technicians experienced in PFAS analytical procedures, using industry best practices, to minimize the potential for cross contamination.

ALS reported that PFAS was not detected at concentrations above the Method Detection Limit in any of the samples.

 The results of this study confirm the utility of the Westbay Multi-level System for groundwater sampling and long-term monitoring at PFAS sites.

Westbay is committed to on-going testing and evaluation to meet regulatory requirements as it pertains to PFAS. We encourage all our clients and industry partners to connect with us for more information on this initiative, info@westbay.com.

ALS Environmental is a leading testing, inspection, verification and certification company head quartered in Brisbane, Australia.