Westbay Instruments: Committed to Your Success

The Westbay Instruments sales team is dedicated to helping our clients design multi-level technology systems for sub-surface characterization and groundwater monitoring. 

Groundwater Testing for Westbay Instruments

With any multi-level monitoring project, the well design may change; from the initial project conversation, after the borehole geophysics completion, and during installation. Our sales team at Westbay Instruments works with you to help you install a complete multi-level monitoring system that best suits your sub-surface characterization needs. 

Westbay is deeply involved and committed to your projects. We work to keep your team up-to-date on your sampling and profiling events, providing current details for your equipment rental schedule, and offer preventative maintenance and service on equipment purchased.  Westbay’s rental fleet of sampling and profiling systems are available, and in excellent operational order, so your sampling and profiling events go smoothly and safely while staying on schedule and saving you money.

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About the Author:
Craig Fitch is Westbay’s Technical Sales Engineer