Sampler Probes

Westbay System Sampler Probes

A MOSDAX sampler probe is used to take discrete fluid samples at formation pressure through your multilevel system without repeated purging. Westbay sampler probes allow collection of discrete fluid samples at formation pressure through the Westbay System casing.

Collecting groundwater samples

Westbay Systems offer the unique ability to collect discrete fluid samples at formation pressure. For sample collection the probe and sample container are lowered to the desired depth, where the sample is collected into the container. The probe and container are then retrieved to the surface for further analysis.

Westbay System sampling allows you to:

  • collect samples with minimal disturbance
    and without repeated purging
  • maintain samples at formation pressure
  • monitor pressure during sampling
  • document quality assurance

How it works:

  • Sampler probe contains a valve, operable from the surface, which is used to control the sampling operation once the probe has sealed around and opened the port valve.
  • Sample containers for collecting fluid samples are suspended below the probe.
  • After a sample is taken, the valve closes, and the sampler and container are brought up to the surface.
  • The sample container has valves at both ends so that a sample can either be decanted to other containers or transported to the laboratory while maintaining formation pressure.
  • Sampler probe also contains a pressure sensor that measures the pressure inside the Westbay well before sampling, the formation pressure before sampling, the pressure during sampling, and the fluid pressure inside the casing after sampling. These measurements confirm that the sampler is operating properly and that the sample was taken from the monitoring zone outside the measurement port coupling.