Reliable, Cost-Effective Groundwater
Monitoring & Characterization

The Westbay System is a multilevel groundwater monitoring technology that allows testing of hydraulic conductivity, monitoring of fluid pressure, and collection of fluid samples from multiple zones within a single borehole.

The sophisticated features of the Westbay System represent a significant advancement in groundwater monitoring capability. You’ll increase the quantity and quality of your data within a reasonable budget, meaning you can afford the information you need to improve long-term water management decisions.

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  • Get detailed three-dimensional data—leading to an improved understanding of hydrogeological conditions and contaminant transport.
  • Minimize storage volume and prevent flow along the borehole.
  • Reduce drilling and installation costs.
  • Drill fewer holes and reduce site disturbance.
  • Avoid cross-contamination through discrete sampling.


Multilevel monitoring, sampling without repeated purging, removable sensors, verifiable good integrity.

  • Any number of monitoring zones in a single well
  • Additional data at a small incremental cost
  • Sealed monitoring zones
  • Option for automated monitoring of multiple depths
  • Samples obtained at formation pressure
  • Removable and upgradeable probes
  • Option to monitor chemical parameters
  • Improved security
  • Defensible field QA/QC procedures

Westbay System Components

  • Well Completion

    Westbay System Monitoring Wells The Westbay System is unsurpassed for the flexibility of design provided for the field hydrogeologist. Each Westbay System monitoring well…
  • Pressure Probes

    MOSDAX Pressure Probes and MAGI Controller The MOSDAX pressure probe incorporates a pressure transducer, providing the ability to measure fluid pressure in one monitoring…
  • Sampler Probes

    Westbay System Sampler Probes A MOSDAX sampler probe is used to take discrete fluid samples at formation pressure through your multilevel system without repeated purging. Westbay…