Multi-level Technology for Subsurface Characterization and Monitoring for PFAS

PFAS are a class of manufactured chemicals used to make products that resist heat, stains, grease, and water.  As a result, PFAS are present in many consumer, commercial, and industrial products. PFAS have been detected in groundwater and surface water resources worldwide and, consequently, PFAS are the subject of increasing regulatory and public interest.  The current parts per trillion health advisory levels for PFAS are orders-of-magnitude lower than regulatory limits for most groundwater contaminants.

The vertical distribution of PFAS and in-situ fluid pressures within the subsurface are two essential elements needed in understanding the fate and transport of PFAS in groundwater systems, assessing potential risks, and evaluating the need for mitigation measures.

For more than thirty years, Westbay has driven global standards for quality assurance in multi-level monitoring systems in the most challenging subsurface conditions.

Now, in response to our clients’ need for reliable and defensible PFAS data, Westbay has modified our in-house manufacturing and production processes; removing and replacing any system components that may contain PFAS.  The new Westbay system, the MP38X, eliminates the potential for equipment-related false positives.  The MP38X system is tested with NELAP and DoD-ELAP certified laboratories and analyzed for 24 compounds.

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